Inter-Tribal Marriage In Nigeria: Should It Be Encouraged Or Discouraged



inter-tribal marriage
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The subject of whether or not inter-tribal marriage should be encouraged has been on for quite a while now; while some families have their reservations about inter-tribal marriage based on personal reasons, others do not encourage it based on their culture and tradition.

What does inter-tribal marriage mean?

Inter-tribal marriage is one between a man and woman of different groups, as races, religions, ethnic groups, or tribes – Free dictionary

Back to the subject of inter-tribal marriage, should it really be encouraged or discouraged in Nigeria? Before addressing this, let’s discuss some challenges that comes with such marriages:

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Cultural Differences

Culture varies across different tribes, what is acceptable to one tribe may be unacceptable to the other. Unless the two parties involved are willing to accept and accommodate their differences in this regard, they might have issues in the relationship.

Difference in Language

Communication is one of the key things for sustaining any relationship, when communication poses a serious challenge due to language barrier; the relationship is doomed to fail. All hope is not lost though as there is a general language virtually everyone speaks – English

Lack of Parental Approval

The dream of most parents is to have their children take a husband or wife from their tribe, so when the case is otherwise; parental approval becomes difficult. When such happens, the relationship either breaks, goes on without parental approval or they both wait till their parents approve of it.

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The challenges are quite endless when it comes to inter-tribal marriage but truth is it is not completely hopeless. It takes two people who are willing to make it work to really enjoy the benefits that come with such marriage.

Inter-Tribal Marriage – To Encourage or Discourage

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Let’s face the truth; love doesn’t really put tribe into consideration when it happens. You might find yourself falling in love with someone outside your tribe. Being from a different tribe doesn’t make you or your partner less human than any other person from the same tribe.

Inter-tribal marriage should really be encouraged, but not without putting some factors which will be discussed in the next post into consideration. It comes with a lot of benefits which can outweigh its challenges if you really decide to make it work.



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