10 Things Nigerians Are Passionate About



Nigerians are a combination of fun, weirdness and spontaneity; you just can’t tell what’s coming next with this unique set of people (of course I’m a full-fledged Nigerian and a proud one at that). When you think you’ve seen it all, don’t lose your guard because you might get blown away.

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As Nigerians, amidst our diverse differences, cultures, and seemingly unending challenges; we’re still human in every way possible and hold some things really dear to our hearts. Don’t get it twisted; by some things, I mean a combination of good, bad and ugly.

But guess what, these things are vital parts of our existence as Nigerians. Don’t ask me how we got here, truth is I’ve got absolutely no idea. Below is a list of things Nigerians are most passionate about. Enjoy


So you’ve been to school, achieved your goals and think you’ve arrived. Wait till you go home to meet your parents and family members, then you’ll know what true accomplishment feels like.

The moment you graduate and get a job either as a male or female (for females all you even need is graduate) the next thing Nigerians think of is marriage. For Nigerians, life isn’t complete without marriage.


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Trust me, ‘Nigerians no dey slack’ in this area at all. Nigerians tag this as ‘awoof’ and are always on the lookout for free internet subscription, free tickets, free airtime and you name it.

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Nigerians are never found wanting when it comes to parties. Virtually all Saturdays in Nigeria are for ‘owambe’.

Now on a scale of 1-10, the Yoruba’s occupy a scale of about 8 when it comes to owambes. Attending an ‘owambe’ is definitely a sure way to unwind after a weeklong of activities.


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Nigerians are hardworking and this is as a result of our drive to become successful. One of the ways success is measured in this part of the world is the amount of money you have in your bank account. When it comes to money, Nigerians are truly passionate.

Nigerian Jollof

Of all things to joke with, do not, I repeat; do not joke with Nigerians when it comes to this.

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There have been a lot of controversies surrounding which country’s jollof tastes better but as we all know by now ‘Nigerians no dey carry last’.



The importance of family in our lives cannot be overemphasized. No matter how much time spent at work, Nigerians still make out time for family.


If you want to know how passionate we are about culture in Nigeria, try greeting an elderly Yoruba woman or man without kneeling as a lady or prostrating as a guy.

No matter how learned we might be, education can never replace culture.


Trust me; no one can take religion away from us. Our love for our religion can be proven by the number of churches and mosques you’ll see around and attendance on Sundays.


Eve when parent aren’t educated, they do everything possible to ensure their children get the best education there is. Securing an admission into a higher institution and graduating with flying colours is a dream many parents have for their children.


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The latest fashion trends are not far from our reach, we love to look good. A visit to a church or party will convince you of this even further. We are fashion conscious as a nation and we’ll spend a fortune just to look good

Honestly speaking, our life as Nigerians is simply unique and interesting.

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