7 Body Language Mistakes To Avoid During A Job Interview


body language

Acing that job interview goes a long way in boosting your career, one thing to note however when going for a job interview is that ‘what you say isn’t the one thing that counts, what you do or don’t do also counts’, that is ‘body language.

In as much as the interviewers pay attention to everything you say, they also put into consideration your body language.

Below is a list of body language mistakes to avoid during a job interview

No eye contact

Lack of eye contact can give your interviewer a feeling that you are not trustworthy and also insecure. Don’t stare, but try as much as possible to hold gaze with your interviewer for an extra second before breaking away.

Not smiling

No one is saying you should laugh so hard you begin to look like a clown during your job interview, but you want to break a smile every now and then.

Failing to smile passes a message across to your interviewer that you are unhappy and unfriendly. Trust me, no one wants to employ a sadist in a work place.

Crossed arm

‘Arms crossed over your chest signal defensiveness and resistance’, says Karen Friedman, communication expert. You appear more approachable when your arms are open at your sides. When you find yourself in front of that interviewer, try as much as possible to avoid crossing your arm.


A research shows that fidgeting lowers the stress hormone cortisol, so it’s expected that we do it during interviews. Fidgeting includes chewing your nails, playing with your hair, tapping on the table, playing with a pen or anything at all in the course of the interview.

body language
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Fidgeting distracts the interviewer as he or she can no longer stay focused on what you have to say but on what you’re doing

Mismatched Expressions

Whatever it is you say during a job interview, you want to ensure your facial expression depicts it. When you’re giving an answer to a question and your facial expression is blank, it might affect your interview as you’re unable to translate your answer well


Starring isn’t the same as maintaining eye contact; locking eye with someone for a long period of time can be aggressive. It’s important to be confident and maintain eye contact but break it every now and then


Slouching depicts low self-confidence, so when you slouch during an interview, you’re indirectly telling your interviewer that you don’t have the confidence it takes to get the job. Try adopting an upright position which helps in boosting self confidence.


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