5 Tips To Successfully Ace That Job Interview In Nigeria


job interview

Getting called upon for a job interview in Nigeria is something most if not all Nigerians look forward to; especially in this current state of unemployment in the economy. However, care needs to be taken and everything put in their proper place when that job interview call finally comes in.

As nervous as it can feel to go for a job interview, these tips will help you deal with those raging nerves and ace that interview of your dreams.

Understand The Message

It’s easy to get overly excited when you get called or messaged for an interview that you miss out on the salient points. Once the whole excitement has died down, read the letter or message again and ensure you have everything they’re asking for.

Dress The Part

Ever heard of the saying ‘the way you dress is the way you’ll be addressed’? That is so true, even in a job interview. The first thing your employer will probably notice about you is your dressing so you most definitely want to leave a good first impression.

When going for a job interview, ensure you dress as professional as you can but at the same time; try not to overdo it.

job interview

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Know Little About Everything

Looks aside, what matters in a job interview is your level of intellect. Ensure you get yourself prepared for whatever questions may be thrown at you. Proper research before an interview saves you a whole lot of stress, embarrassment and babbling.

You don’t necessarily have to store information about the entire universe in your head, but make sure you stay updated on relevant subjects of discussion.

Get Yourself Familiar With The Company

Before going for an interview, do your research about the company and get to know at least a little about what they do. The internet is a ready tool at your disposal; most companies these days have a website so try as much as possible to check it out and find out stuff about them.

Also, if you have probably a friend or an acquaintance that works with the company; try to gather information from such person.

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Get To The Venue Early Enough

When the day arrives for the job interview, ensure you get to the at least 15 minutes before the appointed time. Retire to bed early the night before so you can get enough sleep through  the night and also wake up early the following morning


How do you prepare for job interviews?






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